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Plant installation will incorporate beautiful vegetation in your yard. Whether you want to create a yard with a wide range of lilies, orchids, and roses or you want to plant some trees to give your backyard privacy, our landscaping service can be just want you need to create a cool, tranquil area throughout your property. If you’re interested in exploring more of our landscaping services, then contact us to learn more about what Michaelangelo’s Sustainable Landscape & Design Group can do for you.

Our Plant Installation Services

As much as you may love gardening or planting vegetation, we understand that not everyone has the time or the energy to really make their landscape look fantastic. At Michaelangelo’s Sustainable Landscape & Design Group, we know this, which is why we offer great installation prices for the beautiful vegetation you’ve always wanted — without you needing to lift a finger. Our plant installation services include helping to design a landscape you can be proud to show off, as well as maintenance to ensure that your beautiful vegetation will flourish. Our landscaping services include design, sod and grading, as well as drainage.


Design for plant installation includes creating a plan for where the plants should go as well as hardscape and lighting design. Design is such an important portion of landscaping because it maximizes the use of the space and ensures that it looks great no matter how large or small your yard may be.


Another portion of plant installation is sod/grading. This service is centered around incorporating the correct to the improper grading, which can help to solve drainage. It also includes Zoysia. This type of grass comes in wide of thin blades and is very lush and dense, which creates a beautiful aesthetic. Sod/grading also includes Bermuda grass, which you can get as Tifway or Shady Tolerant. Lastly, another type of grass we offer is Fescue.


The last plant installation service you can take advantage of is drainage. Drainage includes dry creek beds, downspouts, drainage basins, and drainage walkways. Living in Atlanta, it can get wet, so it’s best to have a drainage plan for your landscape.

When you hire us for your plant installation services, we’ll plant the vegetation in areas through your hard that’s perfect to allow it to be fertile and blossom beautifully.

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