Here at Michaelangelo’s Sustainable Landscape and Design Group, we’ve planted a lot of flower beds across Atlanta! Our goal is sustainable landscaping that is easy to maintain and lasts for years to come. While we offer maintenance plans and turf care, many of our customers care for their gardens themselves. In today’s blog post, we’re sharing a few tips for caring for your flower garden. Continue reading to learn more, and if you’re in need of landscaping services, contact our team today.

flower garden care tips infographic

Water Regularly

Summer here in Atlanta can get pretty hot and sunny! During the summer, it’s important to water your flowers at least once a day. An irrigation system can make this easy, but you can also just use a hose. When it comes to determining how much water each plant needs, you’ll have to consider the species of flower and the type of soil, as watering the right amount is vital. Both under and overwatering can kill plants. It’s best to apply water directly to the soil so as to avoid fungal diseases or damaging your blooms.


Mulching your flower bed helps retain the water that you’re giving your plants, and here in Atlanta, it’s smart to mulch as much as you can. It also controls weeds and regulates soil temperatures so that your flowers aren’t getting overheated. There’s a wide variety of mulch to use, and you can find ones that complement the flowers.

Use Fertilizers

We’re big advocates of organic fertilizers, but whatever you choose to use, it’s important to feed your flowers! The best fertilizers for flowers are water-soluble or liquid fertilizers, and you should apply according to the directions. Some fertilizers can burn plants if too much is applied. There are specific fertilizer mixes for flowers that help you grow larger blooms. 

Weed Your Garden

That water and fertilizer that you’re applying also feed your weeds, and it’s important to weed your garden regularly. Weeds compete for resources with your flowers, and you want all the good nutrients going into the plants you want to grow! For smaller plots and pots, you can handpick weeds, but for larger gardens, try using a hoe or a pick.

Control Pests

Pests can quickly destroy your flowers, so it’s important to try to prevent them from making a home in your garden. Weeding regularly can help keep your garden pest-free, and you can also prevent pests by using barriers and traps. If your plants are continually being attacked, you can consider using pesticides like Neem Oil. Be careful choosing pesticides, and try to pick an organic one. If you choose a really strong pesticide, you can end up killing helpful insects, such as pollinators, along with your pests.

Prevent Diseases

The best way to combat disease is to grow healthy plants that can ward off fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Fungal diseases are often caused by overwatering, which also causes root rot. You can also prevent diseases by cleaning your weeding and pruning tools. If your plants do end up getting a disease, you should try to identify the cause of the disease and get a fungicide, bactericide, or virucide. 


Prune and pinch back your flowers for optimal growth. Pinching back your plants allows for increased branching, which leads to more flowers. Pruning is done to achieve the shape that you’re looking for. 

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