Atlanta’s climate is perfect for having a beautiful lawn — which is why Michaelangelo’s Sustainable Landscape And Design Group loves being based in Alpharetta! 

We’re passionate about lawn care and understand the nuances between different types of grasses. But we know that not everyone has the time, interest, or experience to debate the pros and cons of planting Zoysia on the 18th green. So if you’re overwhelmed by lawn care choices, contact us for help!

In today’s blog post we’re giving you the reader’s digest version of 5 grasses for you to consider for your Atlanta home or business.


If you’ve seen green yards in the middle of the hottest Atlanta summer, then either they’re watering constantly or they’ve planted Bermudagrass. As a sustainable landscape and lawn care company, we like to plant grasses and plants that fit the climate — rather than investing a lot of resources like water or fertilizer to keep things looking good.

Bermudagrass has exceptional heat and drought tolerance as well as the ability to recuperate quickly from heavy use, like children playing or a yard party. This grass does best in full sun and well-draining soil. It also is a great choice for your lawn and grows very quickly in our warm, southern climate.

Tall Fescue

While Bermudagrass is a warm-season grass, Tall Fescue thrives in the cool-season. Because of this, it requires more lawn care and attention. You’ll need to water this grass more frequently in the summer and mow it as it grows in the cooler temperatures of fall and spring.

Tall Fescue does well in shady areas or yards that have a combination of both sun and shade.


Zoysiagrass is one of the most common grass options across the US. It’s used on golf courses and in well-maintained home lawns. This grass is okay with being stepped (or putted) on and has a soft, fine texture. 

We’re always thinking about sustainability, and Zoysia lawn care requires less fertilizing and even limits erosion on slopes. Zoysia stays green for a very long time — sometimes even longer than Bermudagrass 

St. Augustine

This grass is a popular warm-season grass, which is why it works well for lawns in Alpharetta. If your lawn care is high-quality, you can have a dark green carpet filled with broad, flat blades. 

If you’re looking for thick, robust grass, then St. Augustine might be the variety for you!


Another warm-season grass, Centipedegrass is excellent for our southern climate. It’s a medium to light green grass with a coarse texture.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance grass that you hardly ever have to mow than Centipedegrass is for you! 

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