Landscape Low-voltage Lighting

One of the landscaping services we offer is lighting. From repairs to installation, we have you covered. For more information, contact us.

Lighting Repairs

If you have an existing landscape lighting system that you had installed or inherited when you bought your house, but over time it has stopped working, then allow Michaelangelo’s to come and diagnose your landscape lighting issues and provide an estimate for the repairs. Michaelangelo’s is an expert in landscape lighting. Older landscape lighting systems use halogen fixtures and bulbs. These can often burn out quickly and lose light intensity over time. New landscape lighting systems, utilize LED technology and have created new lighting fixtures that contain bulbs that will run over 20,000 hours before burning out. These new LED systems also produce full brightness in all fixtures without showing some fixtures to shine brighter than others. Call to find out why your current system isn’t working and how you can upgrade to a new LED system today.

Design and Installation

Why enjoy your landscape only during the day? One of the landscaping services we offer is landscape lighting, which can allow you to enjoy your largest property investment 24 hours a day. Michaelangelo’s clients are very successful and are not always home to enjoy their landscape during the winter months with shorter days. By having a low-voltage landscape lighting system installed, it has allowed our most successful clients to enjoy their landscaping 24 hours a day. Whether they are leaving the house at 5 A.M. to head to the office, or coming home at night after the sunset, our clients can enjoy their beautiful landscape even during the nighttime.

Landscape lighting design has endless possibilities. Whether you want to use just a few fixtures to highlight your favorite trees, or you want to give Disney World a run for their money, you can create a landscape lighting system to fit your needs. Low-voltage landscape lighting has endless possibilities. Call Michaelangelo’s today to schedule a consultation to determine the best landscape lighting system to fit your needs!

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