A beautiful pool adds something special to your outdoor space, a vacation right in your back yard! When Installing a swimming pool it’s important to take both the landscape and the environment into account. Michaelangelo’s Sustainable Landscape and Design Group has a deep understanding of how different elements work together to create the perfect outdoor oasis. Not only do we have the expertise to install your new pool, we can also help with the rest of your landscaping needs all in one stop! Check out out other services, such as beautiful hardscaping, landscape lighting, and other residential landscaping services that may fall hand and hand with your pool installation.

If you’ve been thinking of adding a pool to your Atlanta backyard, look no further than Michaelangelo’s Landscape and Design Group. Transform your backyard into a personal oasis and discover how a pool can change your life. Want more reasons to install a pool in time for summer? Continue reading to learn more and contact us today for a custom quote!