Does Commercial Landscaping Increase Your Property Value

Does Commercial Landscaping Increase Your Property Value?

No matter what type of commercial property you own, you probably recognize the impact your landscape has on curb appeal. But to get a bit more specific, does commercial landscaping increase your property value? 

Maybe you're evaluating a potential opportunity and want to get a baseline of how much profit you can earn by overhauling the current landscaping. Or, perhaps you're getting ready to sell your property and want to maximize the sale price. 

Either way, you've come to the right place. We're going to uncover the truth about how commercial landscaping impacts your property value below. We'll even point you in the right direction for Alpharetta commercial landscaping towards the end. In the meantime, here's what you need to know about how commercial landscaping can impact your property's valuation...

Does Commercial Landscaping Increase Your Property Value?

Yes - commercial landscaping can increase your property value. And we’re not just saying that from our own experience. A 1999 survey found that a home valued at $150,000 could sell for almost $10,000 more with a sophisticated landscape design added to a minimal lawn.

After looking at a photo of a suburban home with various landscaping arrangements, a group of respondents ordered the following components from most to least important: 

•design sophistication

•plant size 

•diversity of plant type 

Depending on location, property values increased 4-5% when the landscaping changed from “average” to “good”, and 6-7% after an upgrade from “good” to “excellent.” Overall, the research concluded that attractive landscaping can increase your property value by 5-12%. But there are caveats to this…keep reading to learn more.

You Need to Invest in Quality Landscape Design

Poorly designed landscaping that looks haphazard and out of control can actually diminish your property values. Large evergreen and deciduous plants with some annual and perennial flowers, outdoor decks, and patios tend to increase a property’s value. Fire pits, ponds, and disorganized grouping of plants have a tendency to decrease a property’s value. 

A well-executed, maintained, and sophisticated landscape design using the proper elements will definitely increase your investment in many ways. You might ask yourself should I hire a landscape designer or do it myself

Professional landscapers know what increases the value of your property and what could decrease it. They can make sure your landscape design looks cultivated and nurtured. A professional landscaper will also be sure to include details so that tenants and visitors can get the full benefit from the landscaping and hardscaping. 

With the help of a specialized team, you will gain helpful recommendations for how to care for your plants long after installation. The company you hire will likely offer scheduled maintenance and seasonal flower replacement for your convenience.

Maintenance Matters More Than You Think

Landscaping maintenance is an essential component of increasing property value that should not be overlooked. Even the best implemented design will fail if it is not properly kept up.

For some additional guidance and maintenance tips, check out our blog resources on yard & landscape maintenance tips, a landscape maintenance checklist templatee, and advice for how to take care of your lawn in the spring

Alternatively, a qualified team of landscape professionals can take these tasks off your to-do list. They can perform maintenance of all your plants and hardscape elements quickly and quietly so your tenants and visitors can go back to their peaceful enjoyment of your outdoor space. You won’t have to think twice about this important aspect of landscaping your property and you know it will be done proficiently.

How Exactly Does Commercial Landscaping Increase Your Property Value?

What are the benefits of commercial landscaping for your business? The professionals who specialize in commercial landscaping will be able to choose the plants and other features that will create the best outdoor environment for your building. They can also take the burden off your shoulders of caring for the landscaping. Your outdoor spaces will be beautiful and functional all year. 

This outdoor beauty and functionality adds to the property value of any home, business, or commercial real estate, especially if it is located in an area where beauty is valued. If your building is in a downtown, historic district, or resort area, landscaping is especially important for property value.

Additional Benefits of Investing in Commercial Landscaping

There are more benefits to high-quality commercial landscaping than an increase in property value. 

Increased Employee or Tenant Morale

Going to work or living in a beautiful, cared for environment can increase the morale of the people using the building every day. Providing outdoor spaces for employees to relax and recharge can increase their productivity. 

Tenants would consider paying more to rent a beautiful property over one where the landscaping looks unkempt and uncared for. Being outside in nature is a stress-reliever, so supplying a pleasant environment will help employees and renters in many ways. 

Higher Curb Appeal for More Business

Properly designed and maintained landscaping is great advertising for your business. Anyone passing by will notice the attractiveness of your outdoor space. After noticing your wonderful property, they will remember it, and your business, in a complimentary way. 

Even if they are just driving down the street, the picture of your business in their mind will be an appealing one that they will carry with them. This favorable connection will radiate to your business as a whole and they will think of you when they are in the market for your services. 

Great First Impressions

As people approach your property they will notice all of the outdoor features first. Well-designed and maintained landscaping will reflect positively on the business as a whole. When people see attention to detail, care in planning, and perfection in upkeep on the outside of your business, they will be likely to believe that the same care goes into the entire working of your business.

Improving the Sustainability of the Area

Plants are nature’s way of filtering out pollution and increasing oxygen, even outdoors. The more greenery there is, the more the plants can create a healthy environment for everyone. Also, proper landscaping can reduce the chances of flooding. 

Great landscaping can be a home to beneficial animals and insects such as bees, butterflies, and preying mantises. Another great benefit of proper landscaping is that is can help cool off the building and property in the heat of the summer.

Increasing Safety

Proper maintenance of a well planned landscape design can make the outdoors safe for everyone. If branches are pruned, walkways are kept level, and vines are trimmed, people can walk around enjoying the property without any mishaps. Landscaping that utilizes indiginous plants will beautify the area without needing excessive water. A well-kept property will keep invasive plants such as kudzu away.

Increase Your Property Value & Create Something You’re Proud of With Michaelangelo’s Commercial Landscaping Service

Hiring the best commercial landscape company in Alpharetta will help you experience the benefits of commercial landscaping as soon as possible. For full service landscape maintenance and landscape design in Alpharetta GA, call Michaelangelo’s Sustainable Landscape and Design Group. 

We work with both commercial and residential customers. Our services include masterful landscaping design and installation, regular maintenance with 46 visits a year, and turf care. Our team handles all the necessary tasks, from weeding to fertilization, at a price point of approximately $500 per month.  

Your next question may be “how much does landscape design cost at Michaelangelo’s?” The answer depends on a number of factors. The size of the property, how much space is in front versus the back, the complexity of the design, and the location of the building all contribute to the overall cost. 

You will find that Michaelangelo’s design team combines attention to detail with high quality designs, allowing property owners to appreciate beautiful landscaping that’s worth the investment. Caring for your landscaping and hardscaping is vital to keeping your property value and customer satisfaction at the high level you desire. 

What Separates Our Service From the Rest?

We won’t just design the landscaping for your property and then leave you to maintain it. Our services begin with a precise installation and continue with frequent appointments to ensure your landscaping remains healthy and beautiful. Pruning, weeding, fertilizing, mowing, and leaf blowing are all part of our maintenance program.

Our concern about the environment and care for the earth makes us stand out against the competition. We want to help you enjoy your property’s grounds while preserving natural resources. 

One way we promote sustainability is by using native plants. This cuts down on the excess use of water and pesticides to keep plants that really belong in the environment healthy. 

We can also create a mulch pile for disposing of your grass clippings and other landscaping debris. It can be strategically placed in a hidden area of the property, creating compost over time that can be sustainably used to fertilize your plants.

The Different Commercial Properties We Service

We are adept at providing residential landscaping services, but we have a special interest and talent for commercial properties. We have superior experience with office park landscaping, small office landscaping, industrial landscaping, shopping center landscaping, apartment landscaping, hotel landscaping, and townhome landscaping.

Wrapping Things Up

So, does commercial landscaping increase your property value? To summarize, the benefits of landscape design and maintenance for business owners are numerous. Beautiful and well-planned landscaping can justify increasing the rent you charge to tenants. 

Similarly, landscaping improves curb appeal and reflects positively on your business, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers. It also creates a source of beauty and sustainability for employees, tenants, and customers to enjoy. 

While it is possible to do your own landscaping, it’s a lot of work, especially when it comes to maintenance. A professional team will have input on which plants and other design elements will work best on your property to help you enjoy maximum benefits. An experienced and knowledgeable landscaping company can also keep the property in peak condition with scheduled maintenance services that require little effort on your part. 

Michelangelo’s extraordinary team of designers, installers, and maintenance crew can take your landscaping project from initial idea to ongoing pleasurable reality. We can bring your ideas to life, creating a sanctuary on your property using all of our own plans. We use our expertise on plants and the ecosystem to make your property attractive and friendly to the surrounding environment.

Contact Michaelangelo’s for premier Alpharetta landscaping today. We will take the hard work and worry out of beautifying and increasing the value of your commercial property.