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Get a Yard You’re Proud of With the Premier Landscape Design in Alpharetta, GA!

Whether you’re here because you want to give your backyard an overhaul or your building’s existing landscape is in need of a makeover - you’ve come to the right place. We offer both landscaping and hardscaping in Alpharetta, Georgia. From the initial design to the actual installation, we handle everything from start to finish so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the final product. With over 20 years of experience as landscape designers and architects, we’re passionate about helping people like you bring their dream yard to life. We also love getting to help business owners make the most of their investment through landscaping and hardscaping. Maybe you’ve recently purchased a multi-family property or a hotel and you want to increase the property value for tenants. Or, maybe you are designing a small office building and want some greenery that increases employee morale. Maybe you just want to build your dream home - and the final step is landscaping. No matter what type of landscape design and installation services you’re looking for, you’ll find them here. And, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re choosing the most trusted landscaping services in Alpharetta, GA. Keep reading to learn what makes our process so special.

What Makes Our Landscape Design & Installation Services the Best in Alpharetta?

When you choose Michaelangelo’s as your landscape architect in Alpharetta, you gain 20 years of experience. This means you can trust that you’re going to get the best service possible, and in the end, a landscape that you’re proud of. Whether that be for your home or business property. Our process is simple and straightforward - which is one of the many reasons we’ve come to be known as the #1 landscape architect in Alpharetta. And, while our landscape architects are the best in the world at what they do, we still lean on you throughout the project to ensure your vision is brought to life. You are in control here at Michaelangelo’s. But, if you just want to give us the ball and let us run with it, we can do that too. Another reason we’ve earned the reputation as the premier choice for landscaping and hardscaping in Alpharetta is our sustainable practices. We use organic supplements that aren’t just good for your yard and your health - they’re good for your wallet too. When you choose to work with us, we’ll create a landscape that conforms to the surrounding environment and utilizes native plants and trees. A sustainable landscape is more durable and self-sustaining than a traditional landscape, which means your lawn care will cost you less in maintenance over time

Start Your Industrial Landscaping Service With One Quick Phone Call Today!

Ready to start your industrial landscaping service? All it takes is one quick phone call and we’ll schedule our first visit to your property. Just wait till you see the way your landscape and hardscape look after we’ve had the chance to transform them - you’ll know you made the right choice!

Residential Landscape Design & Architecture in Alpharetta

As the most trusted residential landscape company in Alpharetta, we’ve had the great pleasure of working with homeowners to overhaul their yards - or start from scratch on brand new homes. And, landscaping is just one part of the equation. We also ensure that the hardscaping matches your home and vision - adding in lighting, bricks, decking, concrete, pavers, and more. Our goal when taking on a residential landscape design is to create an oasis that you, your family, and your friends enjoy for years to come. We can create beautiful patios for you to host dinner parties on. Or put in retaining walls, arbors, or trellises to give yourself multiple spaces to relax and unwind. Your wish is our command when you pick us for your residential landscape architecture needs!

Commercial Landscape Design & Architecture in Alpharetta

One of the best ways to increase commercial building value is to enhance the landscape. That’s why more and more businesses are choosing us for their commercial landscape architecture needs here in Alpharetta. From office parks to hotels, multi-family units to industrial facilities, we do it all. We’ll help you design a landscape/hardscape that doesn’t just raise your property value - it creates an oasis that those who use the building come to know and love! This is especially important for raising employee morale and increasing the retention of tenants at your property. Attain these benefits for yourself by partnering with the #1 commercial landscape company in Alpharetta.

What Clients Had to Say After Choosing Us for Landscaping & Hardscaping in Alpharetta

Our clients have a way with words. Here’s what they’ve had to say after choosing to work with us on all their landscaping and hardscaping needs here in Alpharetta, GA:

“Did a complete overhaul of my front lawn - Grading, Hardscaping, & Sod Installation. They arrived everyday, on time...with a smile. I had a ton of questions before, during and after the work was completed, and was always given thorough answers. My yard looks fantastic and I cannot wait to continue with next phase.” “We chose Michelangelo Landscaping due to its sustainable design proposal, the smooth transition/correlation to our existing landscaping structure, and the last but not least, the honest and upfront communication throughout the process” “This is my third project with Michaelangelo’s Landscape. I have been happy with every aspect of the project from the design to the install. I found everyone to be very respectful and helpful.”

How Our Landscape Installation Services Work

Ready to get started on your residential or commercial landscape architecture? Here’s how it works:

      1. Get in touch with us. We’ll discuss your upcoming project, listen to your needs, and come up with a budget for the full design and installation.
      2. We’ll get to work designing your landscape with the help of our seasoned landscape architects. They are the best in the industry at what they do - and consistently deliver works of art for our clients. Once the initial design is complete, we’ll visit your property for a design presentation.
      3. During the landscape design presentation, you’ll get your first look into the actual design of the project and the projected cost of the project.
      4. Should you approve the plans and give us the green light, we get into the actual landscape installation service. This requires us to schedule the project and purchase the materials - and get the job done fast.

It’s that easy - we do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most to you. Whether that be other areas of your business or spending time with family. Let the experts here at Michaelangelo’s be your commercial or residential landscape architecture & installation service.

Bring Your Vision to Life With the Most Trusted Landscape Installation Services & Hardscaping in Alpharetta!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today about our landscape architects and landscape installation services here in Alpharetta, Georgia. We’ll guide you through the entire process so you’re constantly aware of what phase we’re in and what’s up next. We even have a project tracker that allows you to check up on what’s happening right from your computer, tablet, or smartphone! Don’t delay any longer - you’re a phone call away from unlocking the landscape or hardscape you’ve always wanted. You’ll be glad you chose us when you see the final product in all its glory!

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