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Keep Your Building Beautiful With Industrial Landscaping Service in Alpharetta!

There are so many benefits to designing and implementing a unique landscape for your industrial building. From increasing the morale and happiness of those who work in the building on a daily basis to increasing the property value of your building - commercial landscape design and installation are one of the smartest ways to invest your money in your building. But after designing and installing your landscape and hardscape, you need to constantly maintain it. Failing to do so will result in a wasted investment. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Our industrial landscaping service is the #1 choice throughout Alpharetta and the surrounding areas. We go above and beyond what you may have come to expect in a landscaper. With two decades and counting of experience with industrial landscape maintenance, we’ve honed our craft and constantly train our crews on the most advanced techniques. This keeps your landscape looking consistently stunning - year after year. Don’t delay any longer - give us a call today and we’ll get your first appointment started!

Why We’re the Go-To Provider of Industrial Landscape Maintenance in Alpharetta

If you’re wondering why we’re the go-to provider of industrial landscape maintenance in the area, allow us to explain. When you choose Michaelangelo’s as your trusted Alpharetta landscaping provider, you gain 20 years of experience and a relentless pursuit of perfection. There’s a reason we have clients who have trusted us with their landscaping needs since we set up shop 20 years ago - we do more than the average landscaper at an incredible value. Our standard full-service landscape maintenance package gets you 46 visits annually. And, in those visits, we do much more than simply mow, edge, and blow. We also perform regular turf and lawn fertilization, irrigation monitoring, pruning (trees, shrubs, ornamentals, ground cover - you name it), weed control, leaf removal, and anything else your property needs. As a sustainable landscaping company, we do our part to conserve water and protect the environment with organic products. And, our customer service is unrivaled. In the rare event that you have a concern or complaint, we’ll rectify the situation promptly. Our relationship with you is of the utmost importance to us - and we do whatever it takes to consistently deliver an exceptional service. We look forward to seeing you each and every week, maintaining your industrial building with a smile on our faces! If you have other buildings you need a commercial landscape company for, we can serve them as well. From small office building landscape maintenance to office park landscape maintenance, shopping center landscape maintenance, and much, much more - there’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to landscaping.

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Ready to start your industrial landscaping service? All it takes is one quick phone call and we’ll schedule our first visit to your property. Just wait till you see the way your landscape and hardscape look after we’ve had the chance to transform them - you’ll know you made the right choice!

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