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Create the Yard of Your Dreams With Our World-Class Landscape Design in Brookhaven Georgia!

Nestled in the heart of Georgia, Brookhaven beckons with its blend of lush greenery and vibrant city life. The area's climate and scenery set it apart as an idyllic location for those who appreciate the beauty of nature intertwined with urban sophistication.

Each season in Brookhaven paints the city in a new hue, offering a unique backdrop for landscape design. But, it also creates challenges in regard to designing a landscape that thrives year-round.

In a city as picturesque as Brookhaven, your property deserves to be a reflection of its surroundings. Landscape design in Brookhaven Georgia is more than just arranging plants and pathways - it's about creating a personal oasis that harmonizes with the city's natural charm.

At Michaelangelo's, we understand the intricacies involved in crafting landscapes that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally enriching. While we’re primarily known as the premier Alpharetta landscaper, we’ve brought our talents to Brookhaven!

Why Partner With Michaelangelo’s?

Our reputation as the foremost choice for landscape design in Brookhaven is built on a foundation of excellence and creativity. With more than 20 years of experience sculpting beautiful landscapes, we bring a level of expertise and finesse that is unparalleled in the area. We believe that every landscape should be as unique as its owner. Our designs are not just visually stunning but also reflective of your personal style and preferences. By harmonizing our expertise with your vision, we create outdoor spaces that are truly yours.

You can feel good about designing your Brookhaven landscape with us as we are committed to sustainable practices that respect and enhance the local environment. Our innovative designs incorporate eco-friendly elements, ensuring that your landscape is not only beautiful but also beneficial to the ecosystem

Plus, getting started is easy and you’ll enjoy a world-class experience every step of the way. Find out more about how it works below!

Overview of the Landscape Design Process

From vision to verdant reality, our process is a journey that transforms your dreams into a living, breathing landscape:

  1. Initial Consultation: Every great design starts with a conversation. We begin by understanding your aspirations, preferences, and the unique aspects of your property.
  2. Concept Development: Our team, equipped with deep knowledge of Brookhaven's climate and flora, crafts a conceptual design that captures your vision while ensuring sustainability and practicality.
  3. Design Refinement: We work closely with you to refine the concept, incorporating your feedback and suggestions to perfect the design.
  4. Detailed Planning and Installation:With the design finalized, we embark on the meticulous planning and installation phase, ensuring every element is executed to the highest standard.

You can watch your property come to life in real-time through our project tracker, so you’re never left in the dark about where we’re at progress-wise.

Our relationship doesn’t have to end once your new yard is successfully installed, either. You can also rely on our full service landscaping as a means of keeping your property looking pristine year-round while protecting your investment in landscape design.

Let’s Design Something Special Together - Get in Touch Today!

Your dream landscape awaits. With Michaelangelo's, the process of creating a breathtaking outdoor space in Brookhaven is a fulfilling, seamless experience.

Our team is ready to collaborate with you, harnessing the beauty of Brookhaven to craft a landscape that is not just a yard, but a sanctuary. If you’re looking for landscaping services outside of Brookhaven, though, we can still work together! We’re the #1 choice for all things landscaping in the region, including:

So, experience the top-notch landscape design in Brookhaven you deserve today by reaching out and requesting a consultation. We can’t wait to create something special together!

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