What is Landscape Design and Why Does My Home or Building Need it

What is landscape design? To some, it's as simple as choosing the right plants for your backyard. But those who recognize the full benefit of landscape design recognize that it is far more complex than just arranging plants strategically throughout your yard. Today, landscaping consists of things like water features, fire pits, stepping stones, and full-blown patio design.

And, a growing focus on sustainability is transforming the landscape (pun intended) of this industry forever. No longer is it just about designing a space that looks great and people enjoy using. It's about doing so in a manner that preserves our natural resources as much as possible - and has spawned the creation of a subset of landscaping: drought-resistant landscaping.

As you can see, there is much more to landscape design than meets the eye. That's why in this complete guide, we're going to explain exactly what landscape design is. More specifically, you'll learn all about sustainable landscape design. We'll touch on what all landscape design consists of, and what sort of value you can get from this service as a homeowner or property manager. Let's not waste any more time.

What is Landscape Design?

Landscape design is the process of creating an outdoor space that meets certain aesthetic, functional, and/or environmental goals. In other words: it's the art of making your yard look good - whatever that means for you.

Meanwhile, good landscape design also meets your practical needs. Maybe that's entertaining guests, providing a place for your kids to play, or kicking back and reading a book surrounded by the bliss of lush, green plants. A quality landscape designer will help you create a space that offers the best of both worlds in aesthetics and function.

When you think of landscape design, you probably think of a beautiful yard. But that's just the residential piece of the puzzle. There's also commercial landscape design - which looks vastly different from the landscape design service you'd get for your home. Commercial landscape design is implemented at office parks, corporate buildings, hotels, apartment complexes - and really, any place that wants to be known as inviting, well-kept, and/or natural.

We'll talk more about the benefits of landscape design later. First, let's break down the two key elements of landscape design: hardscaping and softscaping.

Hardscaping vs Softscaping: What's the Difference Between These Landscape Design Terms?

Landscape designers will often utilize various hardscaping and softscaping elements in their design. But what do these terms mean, and what is the difference?

Hardscaping refers to any man-made structures or features in your landscape - think patios, decks, pergolas, gazebos, water features, and more. They tend to serve a practical purpose - but, they do provide aesthetics to your landscape as well.

Softscaping, on the other hand, consists of living things like plants, trees, and shrubs. This is what most people think of when they think of landscape design - but marrying hardscaping and softscaping in your design is paramount for a successful project. And these days, designing great softscape has become increasingly difficult - especially in drought-stricken areas like California. With that said, let's touch on another question we get asked all the time at Michaelangelo's: what is sustainable landscape design?

What is Sustainable Landscape Design, Exactly?

We've answered your question about what landscape design is - and soon, we'll touch on all the various elements of any landscape design project. First, though, we want to introduce the latest trend to hit this industry: sustainable landscape design. What is sustainable landscape design, exactly?

Quite simply, sustainable landscape design is the process of creating an outdoor space that looks great and people enjoy using - while also preserving our natural resources as much as possible. This has become increasingly important in recent years - especially considering the major droughts we've seen in California (and other parts of the world).

Sustainable landscape design seeks to minimize water use, waste production, and pollution. In many cases, this means utilizing drought-resistant landscaping practices - which we'll touch on later. But sustainable landscape design can also include things like using recycled materials for hardscaping elements or native plants that don't require a lot of water.

The bottom line: sustainable landscape design is about being environmentally conscious in all aspects of your project - from start to finish.

Now that we've answered the question: what is landscape design? let's move on and discuss all the various elements that go into any landscape design project - residential or commercial.

What Does Landscape Design Include?

As we mentioned, landscape design includes both hardscaping and softscaping features. But there's a lot more to it than that. Here's everything you need to know about the different elements of landscape design:

  • Hardscape Elements: patios, decks, pergolas, gazebos, water features, etc.

  • Softscape Elements: plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, etc.

  • Lighting: outdoor lighting can provide both function and beauty to your landscape

  • Furniture: outdoor furniture can add both style and comfort to any space

  • Outdoor kitchens: these are becoming increasingly popular, especially in areas with great weather year-round

  • Irrigation: an irrigation system is a must for any landscape design - it will help you keep your plants healthy and hydrated

  • Drainage: drainage is important to prevent flooding and water damage

Now that we've discussed all the various elements of landscape design, let's talk about the benefits of having a well-designed landscape. After all, what good is a beautiful patio if it doesn't serve a purpose? Read on to learn more.

The Benefits of Landscape Design for Your Home or Building

A well-designed landscape can do wonders for your home or building. Here are just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy:

  • Increased curb appeal & property value: this is especially important if you're trying to sell your home. A well-designed landscape can actually increase the value of your property while bringing more prospective buyers to your door. And if you have a commercial property, this makes it easier to keep your occupancy full while keeping tenants happy and commanding higher rents.

  • Added function: a great landscape design will include elements that serve a specific purpose - like an outdoor kitchen or seating area. They’ll enhance the way you go about reading books, doing work outdoors, or entertaining guests.

  • Better air quality: plants help to filter out pollutants and improve air quality. If you live in a populated area, this can help you create your own little safe haven from the chaos of the city.

  • Reduced stress levels: studies have shown that spending time in nature can reduce stress levels. Being surrounded by greenery in a space that truly makes you happy is something you can’t put a price tag on.

There are countless other benefits to having a well-designed landscape - but these are just a few of the most popular. If you're ready to take your outdoor space to the next level, contact a landscape designer today.

What Is Landscape Design? Wrapping Things Up

So - what is landscape design? More specifically, what is sustainable landscape design? We hope that by now you have a better understanding of what all this entails. Moreover, we hope that you recognize the value of investing in quality landscape design for your property. From minimizing stress to increasing property value, quality landscape design can be a game changer for your property.

Maybe you want to overhaul your backyard and create a space where you and your family can make memories. Or, perhaps you're looking to create a common area for your multi-family property so tenants stick around longer - and you can charge higher rents, too. No matter why you're interested landscape design, there is only one landscape designer worth working with in the Atlanta area.

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