Who Fixes Yard Drainage Problems

Who Fixes Yard Drainage Problems?

Drainage problems can be a looming danger for any property, and they can often go unnoticed. If you’ve ever walked around your yard the day after a rainstorm and discovered standing water, your yard may be in danger.

With drainage issues so vital to the health of your property, how can you find someone who fixes yard drainage problems?

If you’re located in Alpharetta, GA, or the surrounding metro area and need drainage solutions for your yard, you’re in the right place. Michelangelo’s is the #1 landscaping and drainage solutions company in the area, with over 20 years of experience and countless awards under our belt.

We’ve put together this guide to help you diagnose some of the common drainage issues we see daily, along with some tips to help you find a landscaping expert who fixes drainage problems in yards.

First, we’ll discuss why it’s essential for homeowners to avoid drainage issues and some of the common culprits that can go unnoticed without professional guidance.

A Quick Overview of Yard Drainage Problems

There is a lot to consider when assessing the health of your yard or the strength of your drainage systems. Several factors can cause drainage issues, and frequently the signs can go under the radar. It is critical to stop these issues in their tracks, as they can cause long-term damage to your soil or even your home's foundation if left uncontrolled.

While you may be able to assess some of these drainage issues yourself, we recommend working with professionals to complete a full assessment of your property’s drainage systems. For now, let’s talk about some common causes of drainage problems.

What Causes Drainage Problems in the Yard?

There are many possible causes of drainage problems, with the central focus revolving around improper flow or absorption of water. For example, properties should include a sloped or pitched landscaping design to allow for a downhill path for excess water to flow. Otherwise, the excess water could remain in place, or worse, flow towards your home’s foundation!

Drainage solutions like gutters and downspouts can also cause issues if they are clogged or improperly installed. Failure to maintain these drainage systems can pose dangers to your soil or home.

Soil absorption also plays a big part in your home's drainage, and this is where landscaping professionals shine. Your home requires uncompacted soil that allows water to drain properly, and the landscaping layout of your property should be crafted with drainage in mind.

Signs Your Yard Has Drainage Problems

Even with proper maintenance and a keen eye, some of the warning signs of drainage issues can go missed by an untrained eye. Excessive amounts of water, whether in the form of soggy grass, mud, or puddles, after rainstorms can signal that the flow of water on your property is being inhibited.

Soil erosion is a major warning sign, with several indicators. Some of the most prevalent symptoms include loss of topsoil, a compacted layer of soil, exposed roots, or the presence of channels within the soil, known as rills or gullies.

You may also smell foul odors or find dying plants as a signal that your property’s drainage issues are progressing rapidly. Regardless of the symptoms you see, it is important to seek professional guidance as soon as possible to protect the integrity of your outdoor areas.

What Could Drainage Problems Lead to if Not Fixed?

In the event you delay finding an expert who fixes yard drainage problems, several serious issues can develop. While soil erosion and dying plants are a signal of drainage issues, they are also serious problems in their own right, as the aesthetics of your yard can deteriorate rapidly.

Further issues go beyond aesthetics, however. Standing water is a fan favorite of mosquitoes and other insects, and the last thing you want is for your home to become a mosquito hotspot. Standing water can also lead to a greater risk of slips and falls, directly endangering the health of anyone who steps onto your property.

If that wasn’t bad enough, drainage issues can threaten the very foundations your home is built upon. Excess water seeping into the foundation of the structures on your property can lead to dangerous sinkholes or increased risk of damage during storms and tornadoes. Poor drainage can also lead to the flooding of basements, encouraging the growth of dangerous molds.

These drainage problems are severe, so finding a professional that knows how to fix drainage problems is critical. That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in the next section.

So, Who Fixes Yard Drainage Problems?

Damage to your home’s foundation, dying plants, or mosquito infestations are all scary thoughts, but thankfully, figuring out who fixes yard drainage problems is easy. There are a few factors to consider, but the debate ultimately is between landscape professionals, plumbers, or the DIY option.

We recommend landscape professionals wholeheartedly, so let’s jump right into why.

Landscape Professionals

Finding a professional landscaping company who fixes yard drainage problems provides the most comprehensive solution. 

Landscaping professionals have expertise in designing and installing outdoor drainage systems that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, so they can also quickly diagnose any deviations from the norm.

This includes an intimate knowledge of the local soil and climate in order to craft tailored solutions that work for the specifics of your outdoor areas. You may find that plumbers or an untrained eye miss common signs of soil erosion that can prove costly in the long run, but that isn’t an issue you need to worry about with landscaping professionals.

Landscaping pros also are experienced working with landscaping and hardscaping features like walls, patios, walkways, and water features which all can affect the overall drainage of your property. This allows them to craft a customized plan to solve your drainage problems without disrupting the aesthetic harmony of your outdoor spaces.


Plumbers and drainage systems may seem like they go hand-in-hand at first glance, and that’s partially true. Plumbers are experts in diagnosing complex problems with pipes and sewer lines, which may come in handy depending on the layout of your property, including the presence of any septic tanks.

The issue plumbers run into is their limited expertise when it comes to landscaping. They may struggle to assess soil or climate conditions properly, leading to misdiagnosed problems and inefficient drainage solutions for the specific needs of your property.

Plumbers also lack an aesthetic eye for landscaping, leading to drainage solutions that may clash with the overall theme of your yard. 

Ultimately, plumbers provide an excellent answer to complex problems with pipes and drains and may help when working in conjunction with a landscaping professional, but they often need more expertise to properly assess the lesser-known causes of drainage solutions in outdoor areas.

The Occasional Optimistic Homeowner

Even for the most knowledgeable DIYer, trying to assess and fix your property’s drainage issues by yourself can quickly become a nightmare. Most homeowners cannot differentiate healthy topsoil from eroded soil, and it may already be too late when you realize there are puddles on your property. 

Drainage issues can quickly turn a fun DIY landscaping project into an expensive nightmare, especially if you attempt to install features like sidewalks and patios which can directly harm the drainage of your property.

Trying to fix your drainage issues can also carry immense time costs, especially without experience. There’s also a more considerable risk of mistakes during the process, which can cause the need for repeated do-overs or costly repairs.

While it may be tempting to save some money upfront, attempting to solve your drainage solutions by yourself comes with additional costs and dangers for anything beyond maintaining your gutters.

With landscaping professionals a clear winner, you may be wondering who fixes yard drainage problems in your area, and we have an excellent solution that will speed up your search immensely.

If You’re Wondering Who Fixes Yard Drainage Problems in the Alpharetta Area, Look No Further!

Are you stressing about the future of your yard any time a dark cloud shows up in the sky? Or perhaps you have a great landscape design idea in mind for your property but are at a loss as to how to set up your drainage system. Whatever your needs may be, if you’re in the Alpharetta, GA, area, Michelangelo’s has your back.

Michelangelo’s is the #1 Alpharetta landscaping company, thanks to our decades of experience and our commitment to providing individualized drainage solutions for every property we work on. 

Our keen eye for the common warning signs of poor drainage systems and our focus on aesthetically pleasing solutions makes us a perfect choice for keeping your yard healthy and thriving.

Why You Can Trust Us to Fix Your Yard’s Drainage Problems

With over twenty years of experience as a landscaping company, we’ve learned a thing or two about drainage systems. That’s why we’ve been honored by rating guides like Houzz and Angie’s List for years. We’ve encountered every drainage issue in the book - plus a few outside the book, so we’re equipped to breathe new life into your property’s outdoor areas.

We are experienced in the eight most common types of drainage solutions, including boulder dams, berms, and swales. Our decades of experience allow us to quickly and accurately diagnose your yard’s drainage issues to find the correct solution.

When you work with us, you can save yourself from debating questions like which of dry wells vs French drains is best for your property or how to set up your drainage system to properly support your landscape water feature ideas.

Other Landscaping Solutions We Offer

We’ve used our wisdom in the realm of drainage systems to help support our work as the most trusted Alpharetta landscape design company. This allows us to create comprehensive design plans that synergize with a drainage setup, creating a lasting foundation.

We also offer commercial landscape maintenance and residential landscaping maintenance that will keep your property in tip-top shape. Our extensive services include mowing and edging, pruning of shrubbery and ground cover, and even irrigation maintenance, and we offer up to 46 visits a year.

With Michaelangelo’s, you can get the best deal on landscape design costs and prevent drainage problems from developing with our regular maintenance package, providing an all-in-one solution for your landscaping needs.

A Closing Word on Who Fixes Drainage Problems in Yard

So, let’s recap. Who fixes drainage problems in yards, and what’s the best choice for your property?

While plumbers or a DIY solution exist, there’s no replacement for landscaping professionals when it comes to outdoor drainage solutions. The warning signs of poor drainage can go unnoticed until significant problems arise, and you find yourself ankle-deep in standing water on your property and probably with some mosquitoes flying around to boot.

Landscaping pros offer the best mix of knowledgeable diagnosis and aesthetically pleasing drainage solutions.

If you’re planning to revamp your outdoor spaces, our blog also contains several articles featuring some of our favorite sustainable landscape design ideas, including minimalist landscape design ideas and contemporary landscape design ideas, along with a guide on the differences between landscaping vs hardscaping.

Beyond that, if you’re in Alpharetta, GA, or the surrounding areas and require drainage solutions experts, Michelangelo’s has you covered. Call us today to start a conversation to help keep your outdoor areas supported and healthy or diagnose any issues you may be experiencing.