What is the Difference Between Landscaping vs Hardscaping

What is the Difference Between Landscaping vs Hardscaping?

When designing an outdoor space, landscape and hardscape are two often-mentioned elements. Some use them interchangeably, but they are two different items. If you’re new to the scene, you might wonder - what is the difference between landscaping and hardscaping?

Read in to learn more about landscaping vs hardscaping. We’ll also discuss which item is more beneficial to your yard and how they will interact with each other in an outdoor environment. No matter what you need for your yard, Michaelangelo’s is the best selection for Alpharetta landscaping!

What is the Difference Between Landscaping and Hardscaping?

The difference between landscaping and hardscaping may not be clear if you are unfamiliar with outdoor design. Let’s clarify what sets landscaping vs hardscaping apart.

What is Landscaping?

Landscaping is shifting land to improve its value, viability, and appearance. It may include the addition of flora, fauna, and other features. Landscaping utilizes the basic elements of landscape design to create an eye-catching and versatile outdoor area.

Although many associate landscaping with gardening, they are not the same thing. Gardening deals with only plans and other greenery, while landscaping is the design of an entire area. Landscaping technically includes hardscaping, but most people associate landscaping with the arrangement of plants and shrubs in a yard.

Now that we’ve covered the former, let’s dive into the latter - hardscaping.

What is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping is the addition of man-made items to an environment, such as a modern swimming pool landscape design or a long stretch of sidewalk. It interacts with the natural features of an outdoor area, creating a contrast to add to the appeal. Every non-living element is part of the hardscaping system.

Your driveway, pathways, and patios are part of this design. With hardscaping vs. landscaping, one refers to non-living while the other talks about the living elements.

Key Differences Between Each Design Element Explained

The key difference between the two is the life status of the items involved. Landscaping deals with living plants and shrubs, while hardscaping works with non-living, man-made elements. They complement each other in a yard.

We’ve talked about hardscaping vs landscaping. Now, which is more critical for your property? 

Landscaping vs Hardscaping: Which is More Important for Your Property?

When considering landscaping vs hardscaping, each has a part to play on your property. Which is more vital matters to you and your priorities. Do you want more greenery in your yard? More sidewalks lined with trees? What if you want a combination of the two? Let’s talk about the benefits of each.

Benefits of Landscaping

Landscaping is an excellent choice for your yard. Landscape design will increase curb appeal, better air quality, and add function to your location. It’s worth the time and effort, whether you’re selling the place or retiring in it.

If you own a business, you can’t forget the benefits of commercial landscaping. Businesses will enjoy the attraction of new customers or tenants, improved productivity, decreased stress, and justification of higher rent prices. A classy plant arrangement will go a long way in a business environment. 

There’s a lot to enjoy with landscaping. Now, let’s dive into hardscaping.

Benefits of Hardscaping

Hardscaping might not be as green as landscaping, but there are plenty of excellent qualities with this technique. Hardscaping permits defined space, dimensions in your yard, practical hanging-out locations, and more options for foot traffic. Man-made elements open up potential in landscaping.

Those who add hardscaping also don’t have to deal with as much maintenance. It is water-efficient and looks incredible, simultaneously.

Now that we’ve gone over the benefits, which do you need for your yard? What’s the best option for your money? Let’s look at hardscaping vs landscaping to determine your best selection.

You Need Both for a Stunning, Practical Yard!

Landscaping vs hardscaping is a tricky decision to make. Although everyone has a personal taste, the ultimate yard has hardscaping and landscaping! These elements can blend perfectly, creating a gorgeous area that ties the natural with the man-made. Landscaping makes the yard look good, and hardscaping adds practicality.

Of course, blending hardscaping and landscaping into a beautiful design takes practice. A professional is ideal to get the job done.

Blending Together the Landscape and Hardscape Elements Requires Professional Help…

When designing a backyard landscape, it’s best to go with a professional. The average person does not have the proper skills to complete the task effectively. When you hire a landscape designer, you get experience, a site analysis, cost-effectiveness, and a guaranteed job well done.

Whether you are the owner of a property or home, a professional is ideal. They will save you time and money. They know what they are doing and are less prone to mistakes.

Whether You Need Landscaping vs Hardscaping, Michaelangelo’s is Here to Help!

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We Can Help You Keep Your Yard Stunning After the Design & Install, Too!

Not only do we offer landscape design, but we also offer maintenance once the design is in place. We want to maintain the gorgeous design to ensure all can enjoy it. Our goal is to keep you and your yard happy.

We can help with the following maintenance:

These will keep your outdoor area in the best possible shape.

If our offerings sound intriguing to you, we have plenty of information to help you get started. We are here and ready to work for you.

Ready to Get Started?

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Final Thoughts on Hardscaping vs Landscaping

When considering hardscaping vs landscaping, there are a few critical differences. The design elements stand out most - landscaping involves living items, while hardscaping involves non-living. Both are critical to a quality yard, interacting without each other to create a gorgeous and viable area.

If you are on the hunt for landscaping and hardscaping options, contact us today! Michaelangelo’s is the best in the Alpharetta area. We will design, install, and maintain your outdoor location for the best results. Whether you want a commercial or residential design, our experts will complete the task in no time.