What are the Basic Elements of Landscape Design

Landscape design is the art of melding outdoor spaces together, creating exterior living areas that are functional and gorgeous. If you are interested in enhancing your own landscape, it’s critical to understand the elements to make the right decision.

Michelangelo’s is the top choice for Alpharetta landscaping, with twenty years of experience, commercial and residential options, and multiple services. The best approach to getting your landscape tuned up is to let us help you. However, we’ll guide you through the basics below. First, let’s talk about the benefits of the basic elements of landscape design.

The Benefits of Well-Designed Landscaping for Your Home or Business

A well-designed landscape can work wonders for your home or business. Nothing draws the eye like natural features melding perfectly with hand-crafted objects, creating an ideal outdoor space. 

Quality landscaping for your house or work will:

  • Value: Plants and hardscaping will improve the worth in the future.

  • Functionality: Principals and elements of landscape design will heighten the functionality of your yard.

  • Lower stress: People who experience the yard may feel less stressed or anxious.

  • Heightened air quality: More plants mean better air to breathe.

These landscape design benefits will change your life.

These items play a large part in the effectiveness. Let’s talk about these next to help you better understand what your outdoor area needs to become the landscape design center of your dreams.

What are the Principles and Elements of Landscape Design?

There are five main elements. These work together to transform a simple yard into a place where the natural world and objects come to life. Let’s go over each of them.


The line is a critical component in an outdoor area. This feature can highlight a path, garden bed, or walkway. They can show off ponds, streams, and pools. Lines turn blobs of nothingness into defined shapes, bringing movement to life.

A line is one of the most basic elements of landscape design, yet it adds much to a yard. They can mean the difference between a formal or an informal yard, depending on whether you select straight or curved lines.


The form is the shape of a hardscape section or plant in an outdoor area. There are many forms each element can take.

Plants can be short or tall, leafy or rough. They can be upright or roam the ground. The selection of form in plants can determine the feel of a yard.

Hardscape also has form. Paths are flat, while pillars create an upright structure. Formal yards might combine rigid structures with shaped plants, while a free-flowing yard may take advantage of a wilder form.


Color is the first thing people see when they enter a yard. It draws the eye around the area, setting a tone for the experience.

Quality landscape designers consider colors and seasons. They plant items that will work in the warmer months and cooler ones. Color can inspire a design - blue might mean a design with flowing features, while red could be more rigid and structured.


Texture works with softscape and hardscape elements in an outdoor area. Plants and existing objects may appear soft, hard, rough, and anything in between.

This element creates dimension in an outdoor area. The more variety in texture, the more complex the space.


The last up is scale. Everything in an outdoor area can’t be the same size - there must be variety to improve the composition.

Scale can complement features that already exist in the yard. They can even make your home or workplace look much better than it already does.

The Importance of Getting the Elements of Landscape Design Perfectly Inline

It’s critical to keep these elements in mind when creating your landscape. A good balance of all five will create a complex outdoor space that holds its functionality while remaining beautiful. Without these, it’s easy for a yard to become too much and descend into chaos.

It’s tricky to get everything in the right spot. That’s why it’s so beneficial for homeowners and business owners to utilize the assistance of a professional like Michaelangelo’s.

Are You Ready to Design the Landscape of Your Dreams?

If you are looking for a dream landscape, you need the best landscaping team. Michelangelo’s is ready to make your wildest imagination come to life.

Why Choose Us?

If you are searching for landscape design in Alpharetta GA, look no further than Michaelangelo’s. We offer landscaping and hardscaping for commercial and residential locations. The price of landscape design depends on where the yard is, its size, the installation process, and the complexity.

We know you may be wondering whether you should hire a landscape designer or do it yourself. In weighing the pros and cons, it makes much more sense to outsource to professionals like the team we have at Michaelangelo’s. They are experienced, cost-effective, and have the proper tools and equipment to get the job done.

Michelangelo’s is the number one choice because we understand the basic elements of landscape design. We have over twenty years of experience as landscapers and want nothing less than to help your dream come to life, whether that means increasing the value of your home or making the most out of the business investment.

We are one of the most trusted landscape design companies in Alpharetta for good reason. Let’s discuss our process to help you feel secure in our offerings.

How it Works

Our process starts with one simple phone call. Contact us, and we will visit your property to determine what you need through landscaping and hardscaping. Our professionals will easily take your current situation and turn it into the outdoor area of your dreams.

If you need us for your home, we can take the principles and elements of landscape design to overhaul yards or start from the beginning. We want to create an oasis with hardscaping that matches the tone of your home.

If you need us for your business, we can create a landscape and hardscape that raises the value and helps visitors feel welcome. A gorgeous outdoor area is a vital component of any business.

Wrapping Things Up

The principles and elements of landscape design are critical, whether for a home or business. Well-designed landscapes can increase property value, lower energy bills, assist the environment, and improve the overall quality of life. 

If you are on the hunt for residential landscape companies in Alpharetta or commercial landscape maintenance companies in Alpharetta, contact Michaelangelo’s. We offer the basic elements of landscape design and professionals who can enact them. A customer can expect assistance with the design, installation, and maintenance.