Why You Should Outsource Landscape Maintenance

Why You Should Outsource Landscape Maintenance 

When you start searching for landscape maintenance tips you’ll find one common theme. Everyone seems to recommend investing in professional services rather than doing it yourself. If you’re still on the fence as to whether you should let the experts handle it or go the DIY route, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to fully explain why you should outsource landscape maintenance in this article.

There are quite a few reasons outsourcing to experts makes sense - from increased curb appeal to increased efficiency, peace of mind, and more. But, they all boil down to these 2 considerations: 

  1. There are more pressing tasks for you (or your employees) to work on. The extra work you’ll get done is well worth the cost of landscape services.

  2. The professionals here at Michaelangelo’s have specialized tools and expertise to maximize the potential of your property. The end result is the preservation of your initial landscape design and installation budget, and a better aesthetic at your property.

If you’re still not quite convinced of the benefits of commercial landscaping for your business or residential landscaping for your home, keep reading. We’ll take a deeper look into why you should outsource landscape maintenance. 

Why You Should Outsource Landscape Maintenance

We know we may have buried the lead bit with our introduction here, but let us leave no doubt in your mind: outsourcing landscape maintenance is the best approach to taking care of your property. And we already gave you a 30,000-foot view of why that is. 

Your time is better spent on what you’re best at. That’s probably not maintaining your property’s landscape and hardscape. But for us, that is what we’re best at! Well, that and landscape design in Alpharetta GA, of course. And because we’re the best at this, we can help you maximize the potential of your property. This leads us to the first point we want to make in this discussion- increased curb appeal.

Our Skills & Specialized Equipment Lead to Increased Curb Appeal

It’s likely you don’t have either the skillset or equipment necessary to properly maintain your landscape. 

Sure - you could try to learn how to take care of everything and invest in a shed full of tools & equipment. But that takes time away from your more pressing responsibilities, and your budget is better spent elsewhere. And as we all know, time is money.

Our team features some of the most skilled, experienced landscapers in the world - and certainly here in Alpharetta, GA. That means we can maximize the potential of your landscape and keep it looking stunning year-round.

Increased curb appeal is something businesses and homeowners alike can benefit from. Whether you just want to impress friends/family/neighbors or you want to attract potential clients/customers, keeping your landscape maintained to perfection week in and week out cannot be overlooked.

Full-Service Landscaping is More Affordable Than You Think

One of the many reasons homeowners, property managers, and real estate investors alike don't invest in full-service landscape maintenance is the cost. Or, in this case, the assumed cost. It's true - quality landscape maintenance is an investment. But, it's not nearly as expensive as you may think.

At Michaelangelo's, our service features 46 visits a year. Your property will look pristine all year round. You get mowing, edging, shrub pruning, ornamental pruning, turf & lawn fertilization, leaf removal, ground cover pruning, irrigation monitoring, and more.

When you consider the value of this service, the roughly $500/month you pay is a steal. And if you compare this cost to what you'd pay a member of your team to perform all this maintenance, you can see clearly that outsourcing makes more sense.

Better Landscape Maintenance Leads to Higher Morale for Everyone

If you're the facility manager at a commercial property, you know that your landscape plays a key role in attracting customers, clients, or tenants. We talked about this a bit in discussing how landscape maintenance raises your curb appeal.

But getting people in the door is just one benefit of quality landscaping. When done right, it also raises morale for those who spend a good portion of their lives at your property. Thus, quality landscape maintenance is especially essential for apartments, townhomes, small offices, and business parks.

When you outsource landscaping for rental properties, you don't deal with as many tenant complaints that their sidewalks are covered in leaves. Rather, you'll find that tenants enjoy spending time outdoors. You won't deal with tenant turnover as often - and your property will just be a happier place for everyone.

The same can be said of professional properties, like offices or industrial buildings. Giving your workers a place outside that is clean, tidy, and stunning allows them to unwind in a healthy manner. You already know the benefits of keeping employee morale high. They'll work harder for you, and retention issues will become a thing of the past.

You Have Better Things to Worry About

It's true - landscape maintenance is important. But, that doesn't mean it's something you should spend your time stressing over. If you are thinking about the state of your landscape rather than focusing on your actual tasks, something needs to be done.

And frankly, the answer isn't delegating it to someone else on your team. Your employees have better things to worry about as well. Wouldn't it be nice to finally achieve peace of mind as it pertains to your landscape?

When you outsource, that's exactly what you get. You never have to worry about how your landscape looks again. And, you can rest assured that the initial investment you made in landscape design and installation is being preserved through proper maintenance practices.

Ready to Outsource Landscape Maintenance to the Professionals at Michaelangelo's?

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to justify outsourcing landscape maintenance. But really, it comes down to this: your time and energy are better spent elsewhere. Landscapers have specialized tools and experience that you do not - so they can maximize the potential of your property while you enjoy peace of mind.

Now, it's worth noting that all these benefits are only attainable when you partner with a quality landscaper. And those seeking commercial landscape maintenance companies in Alpharetta needn't look any further. Michaelangelo's is here to help.

No matter what type of property you have, we're here to help. Our capabilities include office park landscaping, townhome landscaping, small office building landscaping, apartment landscaping, hotel landscaping, shopping center landscaping, and industrial landscaping. There's no property we're not equipped to manage.

And that's not all - we offer residential landscape maintenance services, too! Don't hesitate to reach out and experience the difference yourself. We're proud of the reputation we've built as the premier choice for Alpharetta landscaping, and we can't wait to show you the full value of having us on your team. Schedule your first visit today!