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5 Reasons to Winterize your Irrigation System

  • Prevent your irrigation system from freezing. Ask about a freeze sensor for your irrigation system.

  • Prevent damage to your landscape.

  • Prevent damage to your irrigation system

  • Prevent hairline cracks in your lateral lines that are almost impossible to find.

  • Prevent your mainline from blowing out during the winter and freezing causing icy conditions all over your driveway or walkway.

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Do you want to keep your irrigation system in tip-top-shape? Sign up for our annual maintenance program, an irrigation service we offer for a great price. Our annual irrigation maintenance program provides your system with everything it needs to keep it in working order. Our program includes a spring start-up, summer check-up, and Winterization shut-down. Our technician will visit your property three times a year to run through your entire irrigation system. All repairs will be 15 percent off with our annual maintenance program.

Spring Start-up

Our technician will turn on your system to run in the spring. Your spring start-up usually occurs in March or April depending on the weather in Atlanta, GA. A irrigation service spring start-up includes a thorough check of the entire irrigation system. The master valves will open allowing water to flow through all of the lines throughout the system. A full check of your controller and rain sensor will ensure your system will run properly throughout the upcoming summer. Our technician will also run through each zone, testing, and adjusting each head to make sure it has the proper coverage. Any problem areas will be flagged, and a full list of repairs will be provided. Our technician will also set the controller to the proper program, so your zones will have the adequate time they need to water your landscape properly during the summertime.

Summer Tune-up

During the summertime, it can be critical to make sure your irrigation system is running properly. If your irrigation system runs into any problems during the summer, it could result in your turf, trees, or shrubs suffering damage, or even dying. Your landscape is one of the largest investments in your property and you want to make sure you are protecting your investment. Our technician will run through your entire system, checking the controller, rain sensor, and each zone thoroughly. While running through each zone, each head will be inspected and adjusted to ensure each plant has the proper coverage.

Winterization Shut-down

Winterizing your system is the most important inspection of the year. Shutting down your system properly prevents damage during the winter. An irrigation system is composed of plastic parts that can easily crack and break during the winter in freezing temperatures. A proper winterization of your irrigation system includes cutting off the water supply to the mainline and running through each zone, properly draining the lateral lines and irrigation heads. We recommend doing this before the winter deep freeze, usually around Thanksgiving.

Do you have a cracked pipe or a leaky irrigation head? The first step in repairing your irrigation system is doing a comprehensive irrigation inspection. Call us today to claim your FREE irrigation inspection for your irrigation system. Our irrigation system technician will perform a full evaluation of your irrigation system to ensure it is functioning properly and efficiently. After the evaluation, the Michaelangelo’s technician will walk you through your system and explain the recommended repairs and adjustments needed to optimize your system. Some other opportunities to optimize your irrigation system maybe be to adjust sprinkler head placement or adjusting nozzles.

If you do not have an irrigation system but have always desired one, allow Michaelangelo’s to design the irrigation system of your dreams with our superb irrigation services. We have a systematic way to design an irrigation system to meet your needs. Michaelangelo's can design a system using the most cutting-edge technology, including water efficient heads, smart WiFi controllers, and smart valves. Or if you're wanting a more basic system to just get everything wet, Michaelangelo’s can design that system to meet your needs. Call us to take advantage of our irrigation services and get your FREE estimate on a new irrigation system.

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