Landscape Design vs Landscape Architecture: What is the Difference

Landscape Design vs. Landscape Architecture: What is the Difference?

As you consider the possibility of overhauling your home or commercial property’s landscaping, you’ll come across two terms - often used interchangeably. Landscape design vs landscape architecture. Is there really any difference between a landscape designer and a landscape architect? And, if so, what is that difference? Which should you hire?

We’re here to clear the air and eliminate any uncertainty or confusion you feel on this topic. While landscape design and architecture are very similar, some view them as different based on the type of client in question: residential vs commercial. 

At Michaelangelo's the debate of landscape architecture vs landscape design is pointless - as we can serve both residential and commercial clients! We are considered the premier choice for both landscape design and architecture in the Alpharetta area - and can assist you in making your vision a reality, no matter the scale.

Below, you’ll discover the answers to all your questions about landscape design vs landscape architecture. Let’s not waste any more time!

Is There Really a Difference Between Landscape Design vs Landscape Architecture?

At their core, landscape design and architecture are the same thing. They’re both processes that require a blend of function and form in order to turn an outdoor space into a stunning, practical area for people to enjoy. This is done with the use of plants, of course, but also hardscaping elements like stone pathways, fountains, benches, lighting, and more.

So - what is the difference between landscape design and landscape architecture? To help you gain clarity on this topic, we’ll break down both of these below - starting with the design side of the debate. 

What is Landscape Design?

First, what is landscape design?

Landscape design is the process of planning and creating outdoor spaces, such as residential yards. It involves the selection and placement of plants, hardscapes (such as walkways and patios), and other elements in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

Landscape designers may also be involved in the construction and maintenance of the spaces they design. At least, that’s the case here at Michaelangelo’s. In fact, this is part of what separates us from the other designers in the greater Atlanta area. 

We aren’t just going to help you design the yard of your dreams. We’re going to see that it’s installed correctly to ensure it remains beautiful for years to come. And, we’ll actively assist in prolonging the stunning landscape we install through our full-service landscaping

So - that’s what you need to know about landscape design. You can more in our articles discussing the cost of landscape design or drought tolerance landscape design ideas

But what separates landscape design from landscape architecture? It all comes down to scale.

What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architecture, on the other hand, is a professional field that involves the design of outdoor spaces on a larger scale. Landscape architects are trained in the principles of design and planning, as well as in the technical aspects of construction and land management. 

They often work on projects such as public parks, greenways, and land development plans, and may also be involved in the design of residential and commercial landscapes. Landscape architecture is a regulated profession in many countries, and landscape architects are required to hold a license in order to practice.

Landscape architecture doesn’t always entail installation. Sometimes, businesses will just invest in the plans and outsource the installation to save on the cost. And a landscape architect will rarely handle maintenance for you after the fact.  

So, Should You Hire a Landscape Designer vs Landscape Architect?

Now you should have a better understanding of the difference between landscape architects and designers. As you can see, it really just comes down to the specific type of client each party serves. So - should you hire a landscape designer or architect? 

Landscape designers work with homeowners to create a visually appealing - and practical - front yard or back yard. The primary goal here is to create a space you and your family can enjoy together, host guests with, and raise your property value. 

Landscape architects, on the other hand, work on larger-scale commercial projects - like office parks, hotels, schools, apartment complexes, business campuses, etc. The goal here is to increase curb appeal to prospective customers or clients and create a space that enhances the morale of employees. And, it raises the property value all at the same time.

As you can see, the principles behind landscape design and architecture are very similar - as are the goals these two roles seek to accomplish. Both designers and architects will follow the basic elements of landscape design

With that being said, it’s rare to find a company that specialized in both landscape design and landscape architecture. But that’s exactly what we do at Michaelangelo’s…

Whether You’re Looking for Residential or Commercial Landscaping, You Can Count on Michaelangelo's!

Michelangelo’s is the premier choice for landscape design in Alpharetta GA. But, we also have licensed landscape architects on our team. That means that whether your needs are residential or commercial you can trust us to help bring your project to life. 

Maybe you’re a homeowner looking to overhaul your backyard landscape design and increase curb appeal - becoming the envy of your neighborhood. Perhaps you’re seeking modern swimming pool landscape design ideas to create your own tropical oasis. Or, maybe you’re a real estate investor looking to flip a property after overhauling the landscape - among other elements. No matter the case, we can help!

And as we mentioned earlier, we don’t just help you design your landscape and toss the plans your way. We’ll handle everything from the initial concept to installation. We can even help you keep your property stunning week in and week out with our residential landscaping maintenance or commercial landscaping maintenance

What are you waiting for? Let’s work together to make your landscaping vision a reality. Take a look at some of our projects on our website to get a taste of what we can do for you. Or, explore our reviews and see what people like you had to say after entrusting their project with us. You’ll quickly discover we are the right choice for your needs!

Wrapping Up Our Discussion on Landscape Architecture vs Landscape Design

That wraps up our discussion on landscape architecture vs landscape design. While these two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they do have a key difference: the type of client being served. Landscape design is tailored to residential customers, while landscape architecture is specialized towards commercial clients. 

With that said, the outcome is the same regardless of if you invest in landscape design or architecture. You end up with a stunning yard or property exterior that raises property value and transforms the energy you feel when outdoors. And with the help of Michaelangelo’s you’re just a few clicks away from bringing your new landscape to life! Get started today with the #1 landscaper in Alpharetta.