How to Design Landscape Beds: Tips for Designing Landscape Beds to Perfection

How to Design Landscape Beds: Tips for Designing Landscape Beds to Perfection

Landscape beds are a gorgeous addition to a yard. However, it is tricky to bring them to life if you have no idea what you are doing. Professional tips are helpful when learning how to design landscape beds.

If you need a landscaping company in Alpharetta, GA, look no further than Michaelangelo’s. We will design, create, and maintain your landscape, bringing your landscape dreams to life. But if you want to learn a bit more about how to design landscape beds on your own, keep reading below - we’ve got some advice for you.

Why Designing Landscape Beds is so Important Yet so Difficult to Pull Off

Designing landscape beds for your yard is an important aspect of your overall landscaping goals. These provide many benefits, from providing a location for excess rainwater to drain to creating a spot for the eye to fall when first examining a landscape. There is no getting around their importance in a cohesive landscape.

Although they are critical, designing landscape beds is wildly tricky to do. It may seem impossible to select the right colors, the proper plant shape, or the correct focal point for your bed. An improperly designed landscape bed will draw attention away from any other well-designed features in the area.

Whether you want to design landscape lighting in your landscape bed or add brightly colored flowers and plants, it’s vital to place them in a well-designed location. We have some steps to help you create a landscape bed you will be excited about showing off to your friends.

How to Design Landscape Beds You’re Proud to Show Off: Step-by-Step Guide

There are several steps to consider when learning how to design landscape beds. From the basic elements of landscape design to the flowers themselves, everything matters. Let’s examine the process for helping this feature come to life.

Consider Goals

First, consider the goals you want to achieve for your landscape beds. What is the vision you have for the landscape of your dreams? Examine how colors interact with each other. Determine the proper height for your landscape and which flowers bloom when. Look at all the elements of landscape design, from texture to shape. 

Keep in mind that your landscape design is not permanent, even after planting. It’s possible to change it at any step of the process.

Pick Your Location

Next, choose the right location for your landscape bed. The ideal spot is an area with full sun exposure to raise healthy plants. If you have a spot like this in your yard that will hold a bed, go for a spot that receives at least six hours of light.

Examine locations where grass grows. Quality grass growth means a high chance plants in your bed will thrive, too.

If all plants in your yard die, consider a layer of topsoil. This addition will permit the creation of a bed anywhere in your yard.

Select Style And Colors

Style and color are the most attractive qualities in your landscape bed. Consider them next to determine the direction of your project.

There are many garden bed styles, from structured shapes to looser layouts. Whatever the structure, it’s crucial to map it out ahead of time to permit planning and planting accordingly.

Colors are also vital! You don’t want anything that is too much or hues that clash with each other. If in doubt, go with complimentary. You can’t go wrong with a blue, purple, and yellow grouping.

Ponder Plants

The plants shouldn’t be random. They should be chosen with the elements of design in mind. Consider the shape, texture, and height of your flora. What would go best in your bed? What will help you achieve your landscape vision?

Consider the types of plants, too. Native plants require minimal maintenance, while flora out of the state or country need more care. If you don’t want to work hard, go with plants native to your state for your bed.

Place Plants Before Planting

Once you have purchased your plants, don’t put them in the ground. Leave them in their pots and place them on your bed in the locations you want to plant. You can consider how your plants will look before anything becomes more permanent.

You should also lay out your hoses and ensure the dirt is deep enough to plant. If anything doesn’t look right, it’s time to make changes.

Remove Grass And Add Soil Amendments

If your plants are growing in an area with quality grass growth, it’s necessary to remove it before moving forward. You can put this excess grass and dirt in a compost bin for use in the future.

Once the grass is gone, add soil amendments like peat moss, compost, or leaf mulch. This material will help the plants grow much better, giving your landscape bed a better chance at survival.

Add Mulch and Plants 

With the grass gone and soil amendments in place, it’s time to plant your plants and add a layer of mulch. If you’ve added a weed barrier, cut an x in the fabric for each plant. If not, you can dig a proper hole and place each plant down. 

Add a layer of mulch once everything is in place. Mulch will keep everything in place, provide defense, and push nutrients into the soil to help plants thrive. There are several mulch varieties, from organic products to crushed rocks. Some are better for plant health, while others are ideal for landscape aesthetic purposes.

Consider A Focal Point

Finally, consider a focal point. This item isn’t necessary but will add a lot to a yard. A focal point is the final touch in designing a landscape design and will naturally draw the eye to your unique design.

Focal points include hanging birdhouses, ceramic containers, and small statues. Anything larger than a plant and made from a hard material. It’s a lovely contrast that will pull your landscape bed together as a cohesive work of art.

Want Help Designing Landscape Beds? Michelangelo’s is the Premier Choice in Alpharetta!

Although the steps seem simple, it’s okay if this process is still tricky. Maybe you’re wondering - should I hire a landscape designer? If this question is in your mind, we can help! Contact Michaelangelo’s for assistance with your landscape beds and maintenance.

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Parting Thoughts on How to Design Landscape Beds

If you are interested in designing landscape beds, it’s helpful to have a step-by-step process in mind. It’s critical to take the elements of the landscape and use them to pick the best plants and colors for your needs.

Even with the right tips and steps, it’s tricky to design landscape beds on your own. Contact Michaelangelo’s for access to our professional team. Whether you want to design a backyard landscape or design a front yard landscape, we are here to help. We will create a gorgeous landscape bed and keep it maintained and colorful for as long as you need us.